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Your phone - use it, don't lose it!

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Your mobile is probably the most expensive thing you carry around with you.

In an emergency if you or your friends need help, you can use your mobile phone to ring a parent, adult or the police.

It can be a really useful thing to have and here are some top tips to help keep your phone safe.

Golden rules

  1. Don't carry your phone where it can easily be seen - like dangling from your belt or out of your pocket where it could easily be taken.
  2. Don't leave your phone lying around on a table or on a seat. Keep it with you.
  3. Switch your phone off when you're in school. Even better, don't take it at all unless you really need to and your teacher knows you have it with you.
  4. Use a pin number to lock your phone when you're not using it. And keep your pin number secret! An adult will be able to help you set a pin number on your phone.
  5. Only give out your mobile number to family and friends that you know and trust. Never give your mobile number to a stranger.

Did you know?

If you lose your mobile phone you can cancel it by telling your phone company.

They will ask you for a special number, called an 'IMEI' number. You can find out what your phone's IMEI number is by doing this:

Type * # 06 # into your phone.

Try it now!

You will see a long number. Write this down and keep it in a safe place.

No other mobile phone has this number. If you give this to your phone company they will stop your phone being used by anyone else.

If you register your phone at Immobilise we will be able to return it to you if it is found.

If you get a call, text message, photo or video on your phone that makes you upset or worried tell a parent, carer or adult immediately.

They will be able to help you to stop the messages and sort out any problems with people that have your mobile phone number.

Have fun now designing your own poster to remind you of the ways to look after your phone. Print it off from this page and have fun being creative!

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