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Am I antisocial?

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If you want to steer clear of trouble, remember there are rules that say what you can do and where you can go.

These rules are called 'laws' and are there to keep you safe.

By understanding what you can and can't do, you'll know whether you or your friends are being antisocial.

Antisocial means what you are doing is upsetting somebody else.

  • Hanging around - Some people don't like children playing, standing in groups or sitting outside their houses. Often if they don't know who you are they will think you're up to no good and may report you to the police. Choose a better place to be with your friends such as at a park, at an organsied activity or at one of your own houses.
  • Try not to annoy local shopkeepers. If you stand or sit outside their shop it might put customers off going inside. Once you've bought what you need, move on to where you're going.

If you're out playing with your friends try to think about these things: 

  • Are we being noisy? 
  • Could we be disturbing anyone in their house? 
  • Am I on somebody else's garden without their permission? 
  • Are we causing damage to somebody else's property?
  • Could we be intimidating anyone who is walking on their own? 
  • If you're in a large group the number of you could make somebody walking alone, even an adult, feel intimidated and scared.

It's illegal for anyone under-18 to buy alcohol. If you're under 18 we can tell your parents if you're caught trying to buy alcohol or found drinking it in the street. We have the power to confiscate alcohol from you if you're found drinking in a public place. We will ask you your name and address and can take you home to your parents. It's a criminal offence to be drunk and disorderly in a public place and you could be arrested and taken into custody if you are found by us. Don't let this happen to you.

If you're spoken to by a resident, shopkeeper, member of the public or a police officer, speak clearly and calmly. Don't be rude or speak with a bad attitude. If you're doing nothing wrong you have nothing to worry about.

Print off your very own colouring in picture to remind you of the antisocial rules. Be creative and have fun!