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Priority Service Register - Special Assistance

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Priority Service Register

What is a Priority Service Register?

A priority Services Register is a free scheme offered by your gas, electricity and water suppliers. Being on the register allows you to receive additional support and services that are designed to give you that extra peace of mind. Your suppliers can tailor their services to try and ensure your needs are met, which can include help reading your meter.

Can you join the Priority Services registers? 

Utility companies run their registers as an additional aid to anyone who is of pensionable age, chronically ill, deaf or hearing impaired, blind or partially sighted or disabled.

If you have health issues or have essential medical equipment, make your supplier aware and you will be prioritised in the event of a break to your normal supply.

What are the benefits?

There are many different benefits to joining the PSR register and different companies may offer different services. Below are just some of the services offered by utilities companies.

  • Advance notice if your supply is going to be interrupted
  • Telephone updates if your supply is lost
  • Priority reconnection if your supply is interrupted
  • Extra help to use your appliences or meter
  • Bills sent in braille, large print, audio, textphone or typetalk if you’re visually impared
  • Pregnant and nursing mothers are eligable to register

If you need someone from the water, gas or electricity company to visit your home most utility companies employ a password scheme where you will be given a password that only you and the service man will know.

If you are concerned about unexpected callers we have an excellent guide on what you can do.

How do I register for Priority Services?

In order to sign up for the service you must contact each of your suppliers. Each company holds their own register so it is important that you contact each one to ensure you are signed up.


If you change your gas or electricity supplier you will have to re-register with the company to ensure you are on their register.

Below are links to some of the main utility providers

Useful websites