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Nominated Neighbour Scheme

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What is the Nominated Neighbour scheme?

The Nominated Neighbour Scheme allows a vulnerable person in Nottinghamshire to nominate a trusted neighbour to deal with uninvited callers on their behalf.

The scheme is currently only available for Nottinghamshire county residents.

If anyone expresses an interest in the scheme the homeowner and the neighbour will be visited by a Trading Standards Officer to ensure that the proposed nominated neighbour is confident in challenging callers on the vulnerable person’s behalf and that both the homeowner and the nominated neighbour are clear on the process that they need to follow.

The role of the nominated neighbour

If a caller comes to the homeowner’s door they are instructed to hold up the Nominated Neighbour A4 card to a window or the door which is visible to the caller, the card will direct the caller you. If you are out the card will instruct your neighbour to write and make an appointment. 

When the caller arrives at your home; DO NOT LET THEM IN.

Ask the caller what the purpose of their visit is, if they advise that they wish to sell something then ask them to leave and not return.

If it appears that there is a genuine reason for their visit, ask the caller for their identification and contact the company the person is claiming they are from to verify their identification/visit.

If you are satisfied that the caller is genuine, accompany the caller to your neighbour’s home. SECURE YOUR HOME BEFORE YOU LEAVE.

While at your neighbour’s home

  • Secure the front and back doors so no one else can enter the house
  • Never leave the caller alone with your neighbour
  • Never allow the caller to move from one room to another

Ensure you stay for the duration of the visit then escort the caller off the premises.

Remember, utility companies can arrange passwords to ensure your neighbour knows they are genuine, and they will not mind you confirming their identity with their company. BE SUSPICIOUS IF THEY ARGUE.

If you have any doubts and it’s not an emergency call 101.

If it’s an emergency or you need urgent police attention call 999.

For more details and to sign up for the scheme call: 03454 04 05 06

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