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Nursery kids inspired by cops

November 23, 2021
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A crime-fighting team who can often be seen knocking down drug dealers’ doors showed their gentler side by speaking to youngsters about life as a police officer.

The visit to Little Stars Nursery, in Broxtowe Estate, was part of a day of action led by the City West Reacher team to interact with the community in an effort to break down barriers and build trust and confidence in local officers who are dedicated to protecting and supporting the community.

Nottinghamshire Police deployed 11 new Operation Reacher teams in October 2020 – each with a responsibility to proactively target local criminals and build stronger community relationships.

But alongside carrying out early morning raids on suspected drug dealers, hunting wanted suspects and patrolling local neighbourhoods the teams also carry out vital interaction and engagement with adults and children across Nottinghamshire.

Heart-warming pictures show the children enjoying speaking with officers and getting to sit in the front seat of the Reacher team police car whilst dressed in police helmets, when they spent a few hours at the nursery on Friday (19 November).

Sergeant Croft, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “Being a police officer isn’t just about arresting people it’s so important that people know we are here to help and talk to and that’s why we take part in these engagement activities to help younger children get to know us as officers.

“Activities like this are so important for children to get to know officers and building up their confidence that we are there to help and breaking down barriers.

“This visit is one of six visits we are partaking in over the coming weeks in an effort to interact with nursery children and show them around the police cars and vans.

“It’s so important to us as police officers that children even from such a young age feel comfortable to talk to us.

“On Friday’s visit it was lovely to see the children getting involved in trying on the police helmets and gloves and sitting behind the wheel of the van and car switching on the sirens and trying the horn.

“Taking part in days like this is so important to us as a force and seeing the children’s faces light up as they get a behind the scenes look is great to see.”

The children aged between two and five were able to turn on the sirens, test the blue lights, and also thoroughly enjoyed being able to speak to one another through the car's radios.

Accompanied by nursery staff who also joined in the fun, the children also got the opportunity to sit in the back of the police van, watch their classmates on camera sitting in the back of the van and test out beeping the horn.

Four uniformed officers from the Reacher team attended the nursery giving the youngsters plenty of time to ask questions and get to test out the equipment.

Sarah Davies, director of Little Stars, said: “We really appreciated the officers taking the time to visit our nursery and spending time with the children.

“It gives the children the opportunity to meet the officers, try on some of the uniforms and sit inside the cars and vans and see what it’s like.

“It’s really helped support our children in them understanding the role of the police and break down barriers where some children are afraid of them.

“By them getting to meet the officers and see a friendly face it really can change their outlook and make them more comfortable when they see an officer or hear a siren.

“The children especially loved getting the chance to sit inside the cars and test out the horns and sirens and watch the lights flashing.

“We now have some children saying they would like to be police officers when they are older which is really lovely to hear.

“All of the children thoroughly enjoyed the officer's visit and getting to dress up and interact with them all and I hope that we can continue these sort of visits in the future.”

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