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Force shines light on neighbourhood policing work during week of action

January 14, 2022
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Neighbourhood policing is at the heart of Nottinghamshire Police’s vision - and now the force is set to shine a light on some of the crucial work being done every day in its communities in support of a new national campaign. 

The neighbourhood policing week of action, which starts on Monday (17 January 2022), will recognise and celebrate the vital work neighbourhood policing teams, officers and volunteers do all year round to serve their communities, keep them safe and tackle those issues that matter most to members of the public. 

It comes as Nottinghamshire Police continues to invest in neighbourhood policing, with the service actively seeking new community-spirited volunteers to bolster its ranks. 

Superintendent Kevin Broadhead, the force’s neighbourhood policing lead, said: “Neighbourhood policing is the real bedrock of our values and is at the very core of our positive public engagement and community reassurance. 

“I am really passionate about making sure we have the right resources in the right places in all our districts to ensure we provide the best service to the public. 

“It’s a really exciting time to be a part of neighbourhood policing and in support of this week of action we will be lifting the lid on some of the dedicated work going on in our neighbourhoods, the challenges and issues our neighbourhood officers continue to tackle and celebrating the great results they are achieving. 

“Despite the challenges posed by the Coronavirus pandemic I’m proud that our neighbourhood policing teams have been able to keep up some excellent work fighting crime as well as being there for people in their communities when they have been needed most.

“These are the front line officers who know who the vulnerable people are in their areas, who continue to listen to local people and understand what issues matter most to them.

“They will then take positive action in response to those concerns by focusing on specific priorities and working closely with partners to problem solve in their respective areas.

“I am so proud of their daily commitment to ensuring people feel safe and I want to reassure the public that their local beat teams are there for them when they need them.”

The work of the force’s 12 neighbourhood policing teams, working alongside other proactive departments and resources including response, CID, Nottinghamshire’s dedicated Operation Reacher, knife crime, burglary and robbery teams, has helped drive down crime in Nottinghamshire.

The latest official national data showed that all crime fell by more than three times the national average – meaning there were around 11,000 fewer victims of crime in the last year (year to June 2021) compared to the previous year. 

It comes after the force introduced a second knife crime team, carried on working with partners across the county and also worked to prevent knife crime before it happens with schools and early intervention officers working with school children to educate them about the dangers of carrying knives.

The force and its partners, including Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner Caroline Henry and local authorities, are continuing to tackle crime through the Safer Streets project which includes hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of government funding being used to help prevent crime and make people feel safer in a number of areas across Nottinghamshire.

Nottinghamshire Police is also continuing to encourage local residents to sign up to Nottinghamshire Alert so they can have direct engagement with the force and its partners around issues that matter to them.

The force is encouraging more residents to sign up to the police messaging system so they can stay up-to-date with the latest crime prevention advice and other safety announcements.

To sign up to Nottinghamshire Alert visit: https://www.nottinghamshirealert.co.uk/ 

Residents can also visit their local neighbourhood police team pages on the force's website for the latest news, social media posts, monthly blogs and contact details.

What matters to you?

Nottinghamshire Police continues to encourage local communities to help shape local policing in their area by taking part in its neighbourhood policing priority survey.

The results help neighbourhood policing teams to better understand 'what matters' most to the communities they serve, as well as enabling them to focus their efforts on designated neighbourhood priorities within each area.

As Nottinghamshire Police continues to invest in neighbourhood policing, the survey will enable local teams to focus on more of 'what matters' as more officers are recruited across the county

To have your say please visit: www.nottinghamshire.police.uk/neighbourhoods/what-matters

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