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If you are in a dispute with a family member, friend or neighbour you can find out the best course of action to take to try to resolve the issues here.

Frequently asked questions

I am involved in a dispute over access to a child. What should I do?

Child access matters between seperated couples and their friends and
family members are civil cases unless there have been any threats or use
of violence. If this is the case, this should be reported to us on 101.

If a child or anyone else is in in immediate danger, please call us on 999.

I am involved in a dispute with a neighbour, friend or family member. What should I do?

Disagreements over property ownership between seperated couples, friends and family where the ownership of property is in dispute are civil matters that should be dealt with through a solicitor.

Neighbour disputes over land are also civil unless there are aggravating criminal factors, which may be classed as antisocial behaviour or harassment, in which case report these to us on 101.

Citizen's Advice Bureau

You can get free independent and confidential advice on legal, money and other problems from the Citizen's Advice Bureau.

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Citizens Advice Bureau provide free, confidential and independent advice on a range of issues including debt, benefits, housing, immigration, consumer rights, employment.