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Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme - your right to ask

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If you live in Nottinghamshire, you can find out if your partner has a violent past thanks to the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme.

About 'Clare’s Law'

Clare’s Law – is an initiative, which enables people to check their partner’s history of domestic violence. It is hoped that knowing this information will allow a person to consider whether or not they are at risk from their partner.

It has the following benefits:

  • ‘right to ask’, under which people can seek information disclosure from the police about their partner’s previous domestic violence convictions.
  • ‘right to know’, under which the safeguarding agency makes a decision whether a disclosure should be made to protect a potential victim in and ensure their safety.

The scheme – also referred to as ‘Clare’s Law’ – aims to prevent men and women from becoming victims of domestic abuse.

People worried that their partner may be harbouring a violent past are being urged to use a successful scheme.

A 12-month pilot of Clare’s Law – the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme – concluded in September 2013 and Nottinghamshire Police will continue to run the scheme after it was introduced in September 2012.

Tackling domestic violence is one of Nottinghamshire Police’s top priorities and the force was one of four that delivered the pilot.

Who can request this information?

Anyone who has contact with a potential victim of domestic abuse can request information from us however, they may not be the one to receive any information released.

It will only be given to those who are best placed to safeguard the person at risk.

Campaigners lobbied the government to implement the scheme following the murder of 36-year-old Salford mum Clare Wood by her estranged partner in 2009.

She suffered months of sexual abuse and death threats before being strangled by George Appleton, who had a history of violence against women.

Please watch the video below produced by Gwent Police about the scheme. 

How to make a request under 'Clare’s Law'

To make a request for information under the Disclosure Scheme, contact us on 101, visit your local police station or speak to a police officer.

Alternatively, you can click on one of the links below to download an information leaflet.