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Messages of appreciation

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We receive hundreds of messages every year from people who want to say thank you to our officers, staff, Specials and volunteers for a job well done.

Here are a selection of some of the most recent messages of thanks we have received from members of the public who want to express their gratitude to Nottinghamshire Police.

February 2022

Amy my FLO throughout my husbands death has been my absolute rock, she listened to me cry scream and shout and has totally changed my perception of the police. Prior to this experience I never trusted the police and I explained this to Amy during our first meeting, however she gave me empathy and compassion throughout such a traumatic time in my life and changed my view point completely! She is one amazing police officer, FLO and lady. She’s given me strength when I didn’t no I could continue. So thank you!

Gemma McGuigan, Worksop

Came out to an RTA, was very professional, but then contacted me later on in the day, as a welfare call for me and my daughter. I've not had dealings with the police, I know you get a bad press at times but it was the thoughtfulness that has been on my mind.

Anonymous, Worksop

On 6 March 2021 we suffered the tragic death of our son. He took his own life whilst being treated for severe depression. Since then, I've reflected many times on the sensitive and thoroughly professional way that we were related to by the police officers involved. They showed courtesy and understanding throughout. In particular, I'd like to name Investigating Officer 9414 Detective Constable 3907. May I commend them and ask that their work with us be acknowledged in some way in their service record and also that their approach and professionalism is recognised as exemplary.

Anonymous, Nottingham

I was experiencing a depressive episode and had been drinking and taking tablets. SHOUT contacted the police and/or paramedics who came out to me. I don’t remember much but I’m pleased I’m alive today. I wasn’t very helpful (or grateful) but they spoke with my neighbours who were able to help them get in touch with my husband. I do appreciate their help and apologise for being so rude to them.

I needed help even though I didn’t want it at the time. I do appreciate the work you do, and I’m sorry for being unhelpful and unkind to you. I’m sorry too for taking up your time; it wasn’t intentional. Thank you for being there.

Anonymous, Nottingham

These officers helped me with the difficult task of identifying my son after he had been found dead.  They came back to the flat with me and helped me come to terms with what had happened. They gave me time and support when I needed it most.

Thank you to both officers for taking good care of me on Wednesday, during the most difficult time of my life.  You were professional and thoughtful.  Your kindness in the most difficult circumstances is something I will not forget.

Susan Russell, Worcester

I just wanted to say thank you so much to Kerry for being so supportive and kind when she helped me. She was a really good listener and helped me feel more comfortable and less anxious. I didn't know the police would be so empathetic but Kerry definitely is and it has helped me so much so thank you.

Anonymous, Nottingham

I would like to give a huge thanks to the officers who took my calls and help me to clarify what has happened to me and my family. Although my English is not very good, the officers are very helpful and patient to hear my situation. I am deeply confused and hopeless at that moment. Three men suddenly knocked my door and asked me to leave or pay for staying. I cannot describe how hopeless and frightened at that moment.

Luckily, the officers help me to clarify what’s going on and give me a valuable advice. It is appreciated to the officers who do the extra follow-up for us. Really really thank you her. I am so happy that Nottingham have such an excellent officer!! Thank you!

It is so good that Nottingham have such an awesome police officer!

Mei Sze Cheung, Nottingham

December 2021

Huge thanks to the officers who came to the rescue of my elderly neighbour  who had fallen and was locked in her house. They responded to our call very quickly and efficiently gained entry into the house. Throughout they were friendly, reassuring and calm which was much appreciated in the circumstances.

Anonymous, Nottingham

I wanted to say huge thank you to the 3 officers that came out to me yesterday when my car had broken down in rush hour at Nottingham Knight roundabout. Closing the road and pushing my car out of traffic wasn't an easy task but the officers came to me, asked if I was okay and cahtted away to me whilst I was in the middle of the roundabout. They were so friendly and I greatly appreciated their help. I'm a new driver with my first breakdown so I was so scared!

You all made me feel at ease and that I wasn't wasting your time. Also thank you to the gentleman on the phone for keeping me calm and getting those officers to me within a few minutes! Thank you!

Heather Wright, Riddings

I ran out of petrol, stupid thing to do I know.  However this police lady stopped off to help me. I had an important meeting later, without her help I would not have managed it. She didn't have to help, as I was safe, she chose too. She didn't have to drive me to the station delaying her workload. She chose too. I wish I had of taken her name.  So kind... thank you.

Robert, Kirkby in Ashfield

November 2021

On Chesterfield Road in Mansfield Fri 19 Nov, approx. 15:00, close to West Notts College Chesterfield Road campus, I got into some trouble with my motorbike. It threw its chain on a busy road, and I couldn't move it. It was a hazard. I called control and an officer arrived. Unfortunately I do not have his name or badge number.

He was extremely helpful. He helped me lift the rear, as the back wheel was locked, and we managed to bump it up onto the pavement. I don't have recovery but, during the move, the back wheel became free, and he helped me push it along the pavement to the West Notts College campus (where I work) and it was secured in the car park there. The officer was extremely helpful, and went above and beyond to help, in the best tradition of the police force.

I'm pleased to say that I have never had any criminal dealings with the police(!), but on a few occasions in my life I have got myself into a bit of a fix - and the police have always been there to help.  If you can identify the officer please thanks and commend him on my behalf.

Nick Allen, Nottingham

We had the unfortunate experience of breaking down in our car at the Larch Farm traffic lights, Ravenshead at 7.50 am. There had been no warning anything was wrong with the car, then a huge bang, evidently the driveshaft had gone. It was in the outside lane and couldn't be moved. Around 10 minutes after this had happened a passing TSG van stopped to see what had happened, they were on their way to another job.

The two officers were brilliant, kept us safe and stayed with us until 3 young lady Police Officers arrived, One of which was a volunteer. These officers again were very helpful, cheerful,  blocked the outside Lane off, and stayed with us until the breakdown struck arrived.  Just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone involved. 

Charles Pitch, Ravenshead

October 2021

A drunk man came into my place of work twice and the second time he threatened me with a knife. I instantly phoned the police and within seconds of getting off the phone with the police I looked round the corner from the room I was hiding in and the first face I saw was Holly’s and then the rest of her team, 2 male officers double checked with me what direction the man ran and they went to find him, Holly and another female officer who I sadly didn’t get her name was brilliant they spoke to me, calmed me down, took details and kept me safe until my mother who is also the manager arrived.

I have epilepsy if it wasn’t for holly and her team showing up as fast as they did and calmed me down I more than likely would have had a epilepsy attack. Most people say police don’t help but yesterday they saved me.

Thank you so much for your help, keeping me safe and calm and even though you didn’t know that I had epilepsy you definitely kept me from having a fit, I can’t thank you enough!

Anonymous, Nottingham

I would like to say a huge thank you to the lovely police officers that attended to my mother over the weekend in Newark Road, Coddington. She had fallen outside, was very cold and an ambulance was at least 2 hours away. She lives on her own and was terrified.

The police officers, apparently very handsome and strong! Looked after her and stayed with her until medical assistance arrived. I am in no doubt that they saved her life and I will be forever grateful to them for doing this.

Helen Hargreaves, Kings Lynn

Two officers drove myself and my friend from rock city back home after we had been in a crowd crush and trampled on in the queue for crisis.

Thank you for making sure we were ok and had all of our belongings after being pulled out of the queue and crushing crowds outside rock city. Thanks for driving us back home and making sure we were safe after we had been trampled and were very shaken and hurt, it was a scary experience and having you there to trust made us feel calmer and safer.

Anonymous, Nottingham

My Partner and I were in Nottingham on Holiday and on the day before we left the window on the rear passenger door of my car was smashed in a car park. I phoned every garage I found on google, but no one would repair my car. I drove back to the hotel and tried to get in the parking garage there.

While we parked in front of the garage a pc came by. After he saw what had happened he called his colleague pc 4093. PC 4093 phoned 'his' mechanic and arranged for me to go there and get my car at least ready to drive back to Germany.

PC4093 drove with us to the garage and walked us back to our hotel afterwards. He even drew us a map, so that we could find our way back there the next day.We were really desperate, but PC4093 found the solution to our problems. In our opinion he went miles beyond his duty and did the Nottinghamshire Police proud!

Jutta Wedewer, Germany

My wife and I visited Titchfield Park, Mansfield on Thursday 26th August 2021 with our 6 year old grandson for the Wonderment event. Whilst there we saw the local community police stand, complete with police car. Logan was fascinated and we met PC 3385 Cutt.

He was so friendly and polite and really entertaining with Logan, allowing him to sit in the car and wear a police helmet. Thank you very much for the involvement at the event and in particular to PC Cutt. He is a smart friendly officer who is a credit to your organisation. In these days of such awful press we know most officers work very hard to protect us.

Anonymous, Mansfield

On the 9th September my car cut out on a live lane of the A46 with no lights, in the dark. They responded quickly and stayed with me until the two policemen came to bring me home. Really nice, friendly and helpful! Thanks so very much!

Anonymous, West Bridgford

I just wanted to say a big thank you to the officers that attended my mother's home address, Pepper Road in Calverton. Officers had to force entry but managed to do it with very little damage, and Roads Policing Officers gave medical attention and all Officers offer great passion and emperthy in a difficult situation.

I just wanted to personally thank them for there time and help. It's very much appreciated and unfortunately Police don't very often get the thanks they deserve.

Anonymous, Sheffield

September 2021

Thank you to both police officers for handling my harrassment/revenge porn case with professionalism and respect. I was nervous about having to speak to male officers, but both officers put me at ease and were incredibly kind to me. We are lucky to have such lovely officers within the force.

Thank you again for being so nice and kind - it meant the world to me!

Anonymous, Nottingham

We had cause to call the police in relation to a relative who was not answering the door when we arrived to visit as pre-arranged.  There was a team of four male officers, followed by two female officers who attended and then later on a liaison officer, who assessed our Sister/Sister in law).

They were quick to take control of the situation, and eventually came to the conclusion that the best way forward was to force entry into the property.

As it turned out, she was not in the house but had forgotten we were visiting and gone out.  This actually highlighted the fact that there were obviously some critical faculty problems, which we are now addressing.

The purpose of this message is to let you know that the teams that attended were at all times respectful, encouraging and compassionate.  At no time were we made to think that they were wasting their time.  We would all like to say a huge thank you to the officers for the efficient and professional way they deal with the situation.

Anonymous, Alicante

Can I just say thank you to Notts Police for having the off road team out and about.I think off road ASB is a huge thing and to see 5 off road police bikes on the 4th September and then again 3 on the A614 near Sherwood Pines.

Please please keep it up. Especially the desert & Rufford Colliery pit top, in Mansfield.

Andrew Pickersgill, Mansfield

Lots of reassurance as a scary situation developing with neighbour acting in a violent and threatening manner. Very quick response and brilliantly dealt with.

Well done difficult job. Where would we be without you, I wish they had better support from government and the legal system.

Anonymous, Alfreton

I'm so grateful for PC3442 help, we had broken down on a very busy road, he stopped to assist and took total control of the situation. Also he was calm, compassionate and a credit to the Nottinghamshire Police force. Thank you so much!

Anonymous, Retford

August 2021

PC3930 was outstanding in demonstrating compassion, assertion, skill and professionalism in dealing with a complex and rapidly changing situation. He was always in control, and showed an intuitive understanding of a mental health crisis way beyond his training which was an enormous credit to the Police force. Thank you!

Anonymous, West Bridgford

At approximately 7.30 near to the Sigglesworth Interchange, my daughter decided that she needed to be sick. So my husband pulled over at the end of the slip road that led onto the A46. The officers pulled up behind us to protect us from any oncoming traffic.

The female officer very kindly gave my daughter a bottle of water, whilst the male officer have us a sick bag in case we needed it. My husband, who is an officer himself for Humberside didn't get the officers numbers but I did just want to say thank you for their help.

This would of been done on the day but we were unsure of the force that covers that area and have had to wait till we were travelling back home to double check which force it would be. So thank you again to those two officers, apologies for not getting your names but your help was very much appreciated.

Thank you so much, you are both a credit to the force and we appreciated you stopping

Jackie Blow, Cleethorps

Nicola went completely out of her way to make sure I was safe when my car broke down in the night on the A1. I was amazed at how helpful and caring she was.. She didn’t leave me until I was safe. The world needs more people like this!

Thank you so much! I am so grateful. I was terrified when my car broke down at night on such a busy road and I was made to feel so safe. Thank you so much.

Megan Brown, Norfolk

July 2021

In the early hours of Friday 13/8/21, Searched and found our daughter, who was contemplating suicide, on the railway line at Burton Joyce and assisted her safely into waiting ambulance. Thank you from all of my family for your swift, prompt and professional response.

Anonymous, Burton Joyce

Jake came to help when my front their blew out on the A453 rememberence way,on a bend just before Clifton grove roundabout.He placed his car a small distance from mine .He came to make sure we were safe and were alright.Then he put the cones and signage out the again he checked it we were alright.He stayed with me right up until the RAC came and sorted the other out .He then made sure I was ok before setting off to get a new tyre.

I would also like to say the device was great even the officer in the control room had a calming voice and put me at ease.Jake is a credit to the Nottingham Police Force.Thank You Jake.

David Smith, Clifton

This officer helped by listening to my concerns about someone taking a wallet out of our entrance, explaining to me what he would do by speaking to neighbours and looking at cctv footage. He asked about any signs of entry, explained about measures we should put in place in a kind and supportive way, and all when I said my husband had Covid but still came out to talk to me on the doostep. He said for me to put it on a community Facebook to see if anyone in gardens may have seen something suspicious as I suggested that to him as our Community group works well. I was very impressed by the professionalism and humanism this officer showed.

Thank you Nottinghamshire Police

Rachel Charlsworth, Doncaster

An officer helped, advised with harassment from neighbours. He was professional, caring, understanding and showed empathy in helping us.  He provided support at a very high level and explained procedures when dealing with this type of issue.  He was very thorough and did not have any issues with any questions which we asked.  He helped and advised us.  Thank you, you are a refreshing addition to the Constabulary and nothing was too much trouble.

Anonymous, Old Basford

June 2021

I’d like to say a massive thank you to all the responding officers who came to help me and my crew mate at an incident that occurred whilst we was on break at our ambulance base. They responded quickly and where all incredibly friendly and helpful, for my first serious encounter with the police I couldn’t have a higher opinion of all our Nottinghamshire officers.

Anonymous, Southwell

I'd like to thank the officer who helped me today (29/06/21) at the A610 between Ilkestone and Nottingham, opposite IKEA. My car tyre burst. I had to pull off the road and was really stressed, but then Police came and helped me, it was really great. I instantly feelt that I was in safe hands. Unfortunately, I don't know the name of the police officer but I'm very happy he helped me. I'm Polish and I'm sorry for my spelling mistakes but I hope you understand what I'm trying to convey.

Marek Skotak, Old Basford

Having had my bicycle stolen in the the town on Saturday 19th June 2021, I reported it on Monday at the station 21st of June, the desk officer did everything as expected but in these times I didn't hold any hope to be re-united with my bike, due to the dudiligence of both the public and the proffressionalism of the officer concerned the perpetrator was apprehended and my cycle was found. I met PC Natalie at the station and she was most helpful in helping me claim back my bike. This experience goes a long way to show that our emergency services have the public interests at heart in a very difficult world.

What appeared to be a petty crime, I cannot speak highly enough of their professionalism, many thanks.

Colin Pearce, Newark

Our horsebox broke down in a live lane on the A1. The arrival of officer Gear was such a help and he was so calm and kind throughout the 90 minutes it took for the recovery horsebox and truck to arrive. He may say he was just doing his job, but for us he made a very stressful situation, during which we were aware of the chaos we were causing other road users, a lot less stressful. Thank you!

Anonymous, Gainsborough

I rang 101 at 04.03 on the 19th June, I spoke to a call handler called Leanne. I was extremely distressed die to a situation I was dealing with, Leanne made me feel a lot more confident with the situation and gave me great advice, she was very understanding and very helpful. I want to thank her for her patience and understanding Leanne was amazing!!

Thank you for your understanding and patience during a distressing time , you made me more comfortable and you are credit to the force.

Piers Connolly, Chilwell

I rang 101 to register my concerns regarding my brother in law who I had been unable to contact for a while. The lady who took my initial call was brilliant, listened attentively and told me exactly what she was going to do next. Later in the evening, I was contacted by an officer who explained that they had phoned around hospitals and that there was no trace of him and they were going to force entry.

Soon after I received another call asking me to attend the property where sadly they had found my brother in law's body. One officer took me inside to identify the body whilst another stayed with my wife. They were both absolute professionals, efficient but caring and sympathetic. They kept me fully informed at all stages of the incident and delivered exactly what they said they were going to do.

A sincere Thank You - from beginning to end my situation was handled quickly, accurately, efficiently and with a great deal of compassion. The officers must also have been very upset at what they had just seen but they didn't show it. They are all a great credit to the police force

Anonymous, West Bridgford

I had to make a phonecall from Australia to enquire about my Uncle's welfare on behalf of my Father ( who is also lives in  Australia). My father( who is elderly) hadn't heard from his brother ( who by the way is the last surviving brother or sister that my Father has) for the last 6 weeks and was panicking. Michael, the police officer who was helping me was absolutely amazing and went above and beyond of what i was expecting.

My husband is also a police officer (mounted police) in Adelaide our home town, so I totally understand the pressure and lack of appreciation from the general public.So, please pass on my gratitude to Michael, and tell him what an absolute pleasure it was to speak with him, and for the amazing help he gave me.

Tracey Scott, South Australia

Officers arrived within 30 minutes of me reporting burglary.  Forensic Officer was thorough as was the police officer who arrived shortly afterwards, also visiting and questioning neighbours. Subsequently had a visit from another officer with advice & some alarms & later a phone call follow up from another. All officers were courteous, supportive & sympathetic. They allowed plenty of time to talk through the details & I never felt hurried.

I am aware that policing can be a difficult & demanding job. I want to say how much I appreciate the time & effort they put in to deal with the incident, particularly as this was very minor in the scheme of things.

Anonymous, Nottingham

May 2021

I and my son had been involved in a high speed collision with a deer on the south bound A1. This left my vehicle damaged and in a precarious position as well as the body of the deer in the main carriageway. After great help from the Police control room in pinpointing our position your unit containing PC Bloomfield and his colleague (I apologise for not noting his number) duly arrived and secured us, and my vehicle, protecting us from the traffic.

They were both courteous and help throughout and arranged safe removal of our vehicle. They then helped greatly by taking us to a point where we could safely make arrangements for our onward journey. In this day and age where the media only see fit to criticise the Police I feel it is only right that praise is also given when you receive excellent service. Please pass on my thanks, and I would be grateful if you could bring this to the attention of their supervisors/senior management.

David Gilmurray, Dundee

My partner had just passed away (at home) after a long illness. Obviously, protocols have to be followed. A more understanding & sympathetic pair of coppers you couldn't find anywhere else.

They were helpful and supportive, and I'd like everyone else
to know about them. Good as gold, many thanks. You know who you are.

Patrick Rose, Kirkby

I phoned to report 3 dogs roaming around Warwick Brewery. The people I spoke to on the phone were very friendly and helpful. Later I watched the dog team after they had found the dogs, they were fantastic. I would like to thank you for your help and the compassion shown to the dogs.

Anonymous, Newark 

Thank you so much for attending my accident, taking witness statements and taking my bike, helmet and other items to Ollerton Police Station. Although I was unable to move and was in considerable pain it was so reassuring to know that you were taking care of things and all the bystanders/witnesses were looked after too.  I feel very fortunate to be alive.

Julie Lippitt, Worksop

April 2021

Many thanks for the cycle safety campaigning! It is a very important and thumbs up for taking it all the way up to the top of priorities! Much appreciated! Well done!

Dmitry Veprintsev, Nottingham

PC Carter was the responding officer to a domestic violence issue. He has supported me throughout the hole process from my statement right through to getting a court date. Hes been a fantastic support, dealing with my queries quickly and efficiently and always keeping me in the loop and updating me every step of the way. I cannot thank him enough for making a very distressing situation much easier and ensuring I feel safe. All around top bloke!

Anonymous, Sneinton

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to the service, attitude and professionalism of PC Dewan-Williams.

This is the first time I have been a victim of a crime or had any contact with the police, and can imagine the police receiving lots of calls for similar crimes, however I was treated as an individual and at no stage did I feel the matter was not being taken seriously or that the the officer had become complacent.

The Officer kept me updated throughout the process of dealing with the crime.

I appreciate the officers time and diligence and he is a credit to The Nottinghamshire Police Force.

I consider myself fortunate that I receive such quality service and I would hope others in a similar position would receive the same.

Could you please pass on my appreciation to the officer and hope that his work is recognised. Its effective officers like him, that make a difference to a community.

Anonymous, Nottingham

March 2021 

Waking up today and watching the news about the way the MET police dealt with the vigil last night has just reinforced for me how grateful I am for Nottingham and Nottinghamshire police force. I’m disabled and didn’t attend the vigil in Chilwell but was really touched by the photos and stories that came out of it. 

I am so thankful to live in an area with a police force who not only work really hard to protect us all but have a real empathy and understanding of the local views and emotion. Thank you for all you have and
continue to do to keep our local area safe and to build community within it.

Anonymous, Nottingham

PC McGhee came to me when I the victim of a RTA being knocked off my motorbike. He handled everything with the upmost professionalism and care, during and after the accident. Making sure I was ok and reassuring me throughout on a professional and personal level.

Anonymous, Warsop 

February 2021

I've reported offroaders in Harlow Woods on a number of occasions through 101 and 999. All call handlers have taken the issue seriously and acted on the info due to the danger posed by these off-roaders to horse riders walkers and wildlife.

Keep up the good work !!! It is definitely appreciated by the local community who treasure our woods

Anonymous, Blidworth

The police came in and offered comfort and support after a burglary.
Stayed as long as I needed the support they offered.

 Corinne Haynes, The Park

January 2021

Under the Newark Safer Streets partnership scheme I requested a visit a visit from PCSO Smalley. 

She was very professional and knowledgeable advising on home security improvements and recommendations and suggested products available through the scheme which I will hopefully be able to have installed.

Thank you so much for the work you and all involved in this scheme helping make Newark a safer community. 

Newark residents are very fortunate to have officers like you helping to keep us safe.

Best Wishes

Richard Wade, Newark

Both officers attended a road traffic accident yesterday 25.1.21  near Morrison’s Bullwell.

Both officers were brilliant in attempting to get a ambulance for my wife.

They were personable professional dealing with this incident.

They organised a recovery truck, helped me to empty the car, maintained safety on the road. 

Keep doing what you are doing and you will make a difference great role models.

Kevin Shaw, Mansfield. 

I would like to take this opportunity to make known my sincere thanks to the above officer for the valued help and support he provided to myself and my wife in a lengthy neighbour boundary dispute issue. 

His help in providing good and friendly advice together with a mediation roll between my
neighbour and myself resulted in a satisfactory outcome. 

Whilst I have contacted the officer directly to offer my thanks I feel it necessary to put a note
of appreciation in writing.

So again, my thanks to this officer who I am sure is a valued member of the team.

Norman Bradshaw, Carlton

December 2020

Actually I'm an American, never been to England but I am certainly committing myself to doing so at least once, if not permanently

The purpose of this thank you is to tell you that at night I watch different police shows, just as a wind down from my day, and out of all these shows, including american ones, your officers in Nottingham are seemingly the most effective, definitely the most cordial, and highly respectful of the public they serve.

Furthermore they have the patience of mother Theresa.... But admittedly even your criminals are more respectful than the mess we have over in the states

I will probably never get to meet any of you, as I don't know that it'll ever be possible to get to England considering my circumstances.... But if I do get a choice, my home would be where the police are trustworthy, and polite by comparison.

Good on ya guys, thank you for your public service, even thousands of miles away, you've had some effect here across the world.

Robert Johnson, Vermont, USA

Imagine our surprise to see two police cars, with flashing lights, and 4 officers at our entrance gate, we let them in, to learn that they were responding to an activation of our panic alarm.

The alarm had been dropped, but had no idea it triggered this impressive response, for which we apologised and thanked the officers, who remained suspicious until we convinced them otherwise. A truly professional response, for which our family is comforted.

Anonymous, Retford

November 2020

Following my recent RTA, PC John Lindsey and PC Kimberley Fox were involved from the onset. Whilst I was in hospital, PC Lindsey was an excellent communicator keeping my husband updated throughout the process.  When discharged from hospital PC Lindsey and PC Fox came to our house to interview myself. They both put me at ease immediately but remained professional at all times.  On subsequent visits they remained true to themselves, caring and compassionate.

My husband, my daughters and I would like to say a massive "thank you" to PC Lindsey, PC Fox and all the staff involved that evening.  A special thank you from me personally to PC Lindsey and PC Fox for the safe return of a sentimental item of jewellery that means so much to me.  PC Lindsey went above and beyond in searching and finding the aforementioned item.

Bridget Edwards, Swadlincote, Derbyshire

My Dad, aged 85, was victim of a phone fraud scam. PC Bramley called to see us and handled the situation with great patience and understanding. He made my Dad feel much better and understood just how devastated Dad felt to be the victim of a scam. He was a credit to the force and we wish for our sincere thanks to be passed on to him.

Sue Kimber, Newark

Thank you to PC Sayer and PC Mountain who helped me after an RTA on the M1 yesterday evening. They could see how shocked I was and that I was shaking with a minor injury. They made sure I got to QMC to be checked over and took me in and explained to the staff what had happened.

They didn't have to do that and I really appreciate that they went the extra mile and I would like them to receive the positive feedback.

Glen Hufton, Sutton-in-Ashfield

I live by myself and heard what I thought was someone downstairs in my house while I tried to sleep. I phoned 999 a quivering wreck and genuinely thought I was being burgled. The 999 operator kept her cool and kept me talking and my mind distracted until I think three police cars arrived around 13 minutes later. The officers were all great, there was no sign of anything untoward so then I obviously felt stupid but they made me feel better and told me I'd done the right thing. Thank you.

Anonymous, Tuxford

On Friday night at our son's house on Radcliffe Road, West Bridgford, we decided to move his car that had a flat battery and was parked in front of the drive gates. Our son in the ICU at the City Hospital and his wife needed to use her car.

We were pushing it backwards and forwards along Radcliffe Road trying to bump start it and our daughter-in-law was waving traffic along as it approached.

She then decided to run up and turn the nearby crossing lights on to help us get a space in the traffic and what should pull up but a large police van.

The front passenger got out and asked what we were doing then two more plus the driver. My wife then told them why we were doing this and then we got three officers pushing the car for us with the other directing the traffic. The car would not start so they parked it around the corner as my grandson who was steering said he would get some jump leads.

We would like to say a big thank you to the four officers for all their help as my wife and me are both in our seventies and don't do a lot of bump starting cars now days.

Peter Smith, West Bridgford

I have felt at rock bottom the past week following being scammed and giving my details to a fraudster and have had to increase my medication for depression as I have felt really scared and worried. PC Ward and another police officer came to speak to me and check on me, and after I told him I couldn’t stay at my house on my own because I was frightened he said if he had five minutes spare on a shift he would ensure that my house and I was checked on where possible.

Tonight I was in the kitchen getting a drink, I looked up out the window and he was driving past checking on me. I waved, and I just want him to know and the other officer that attended with him that I’m so thankful. Police officers don’t get credit enough, but where credit is due, I will give it. Thank you for checking I’m ok.

Anonymous, Nottingham

I would like to send a big thank you to two very friendly police officers who went over and above to help us out and we remain extremely grateful for their assistance.

Last night my friend's condition was very bad. She had cramps in her kidneys due to a kidney stone. I called 999 for help, but they were too late and she was in a lot of pain. I panicked and didn't know what to do, so I stopped a police car near me. Two police officers very kindly helped us and informed us what to do. Then they gave first aid items for my friend and they led us to the hospital because I wasn't familiar with that area.

It was really good to find out that the police are keeping alert even in the middle of the night and making sure our community is safe.

Nadirabegim Sagdullaeva, Salford

October 2020

I’d like to pass the message on to Sergeant Haynes and the rest of PC West’s colleagues that PC West is a singular and uniquely talented officer and a precious resource to the constabulary at large. He showed up with consummate professionalism today, quickly assessing risk, conflict, narratives and fair solutions. I was awestruck with this. Not only this but he checked back in throughout his shift which I believe not only ensured the completion of keeping all parties safe and out of criminality but made everyone feel secure.

This, along with going that extra mile, is exactly what we need in the current circumstances. He should be regarded with interest by higher level officers, respect and honour for his service.

Anonymous, London

They assisted in ending a six-month long issue with drug dealing in the alley behind our house. They increased patrols and installed CCTV and the issue has now ceased. We are hugely grateful for their efforts. It was a very trying situation.

Anonymous, Nottingham

Thank you to two very friendly police officers who, although waking me up at 4.15am, were advising me that we had left our vehicle vulnerable overnight with the windows open.

They advised that there have been incidents involving vans recently and to secure the van as soon as possible. Sadly I didn't get chance to thank them as I was a bit bleary eyed. It was really good to find out that the police are keeping alert even in the middle of the night and making sure our community is safe.

Anonymous, Newark

My son attempted suicide by hanging. Thankfully the amazing quick response by the police and medics saved his life.

I would like to thank PC Simon who stayed at the scene and comforted myself and my family and subsequently drove my son home after his treatment at the QMC. PC Ali’s excellent support ensured my son was not alone when receiving treatment. The sergeant and his two officers who visited my home fully briefed myself and my partner on what was happening and how people in general respond in these situations. They were compassionate whilst being fully professional. I would like to thank the police for their amazing work and you should be very proud of your team. Thank you as you all made a stressful situation more bearable.

Anonymous, Nottingham

My family and I would like to pass on our thanks to all staff who tried help to us and support in attempts to save my Dad’s life on Sunday 4 October 2020 at New Street Car Park in Retford at around 2pm.

All those who attended were absolutely amazing. We were overwhelmed with what each one did to support my Mum, await my arrival and then protect my young children from seeing their Grandad and look after them so I could be by my Mum and Dad’s side in those final moments as paramedics fought to try to save him.

Although the outcome was not as we would have wanted we know that he was afforded the best of care and chance to be saved. The officers were amazing in helping us and supporting us, coordinating and moving away onlookers. They provided us with advice and guidance so professionally and with care and ensured that my Dad’s car was removed away safely, which was one less thing for the family to worry about.

From the minute he collapsed we understand that it was an off-duty police officer who was first on the scene and went immediately to my Dad’s aid to try to save him. The officer was joined by other members of the public emergency services, both police and ambulance staff. They were quick to arrive and assist and we cannot thank all those involved enough. Thank you.

Diana Bowles, Retford

My car broke down on the busy Maid Marian Way and RAC were delayed but your call handler was so reassuring and put me more at ease about the situation. She sent a patrol car to check on me and both officers were very supportive.

Mairead Reddin, Loughborough

Paul came to the assistance when I rang you about my Aunt who lives in Keyworth – she had had her debit card taken, the pin and £1,000 taken from her. He was just SO supportive and helpful and could not have done more – he gave us suggestions on how to improve security at my Aunt’s house and also helped on the day doing practical things. It was just way above and beyond what I thought and I just so wish everyone could see how good the police are. A HUGE thank you.

Leslie Ferrar, London

Just to say a big thank you to the four police officers who attended when I was very depressed and feeling suicidal. I have made a donation of £150 to the Police Care Fund to show how grateful I am for their kindness and non-judgemental behaviour and for getting me the hospital support I needed. I am now receiving the medication and support and hope that in all their 999 call-outs they are kept safe as they put their own lives before others. Thank you.

Anonymous, Warsop

September 2020

This morning following the collection of my caravan it got detached from my vehicle due to a faulty tow bar. I contacted our local constabulary as the caravan was blocking Horncastle Road outside Louth. Whilst talking to Lincolnshire Police a Police 4x4 arrived with lights lit up. I thought that was super quick and they must have been in the area. We could reattach the caravan to my vehicle and as the caravan dealership was less than a mile from the incident it hitched to their 4x4 and towed away thereby allowing traffic to flow. It was not until we unhitched at the dealership they told me they were from Nottinghamshire HQ and were on driver training. Please thank them on my behalf on what could have been a very long day and were a lifesaver. Thanks so very much.

GJ Paulin, Spalding

Your officer overseeing the car event held by Exclusive JDM performed his duties impeccably. His guidance throughout the day remained firm, impartial and above all fair, which undoubtedly played a significant role in the event passing unhindered.

It certainly highlights the difficult task Covid-19 has presented the police, and the misconception by the public as to what remains currently acceptable. Albeit perfectly understandable, considering the amount of data and new legislation passing through Westminster almost daily.

You may also be interested to hear that approximately 40 local residents were either directly or indirectly involved in supplying the hospitality/catering for this event. Much needed revenue into what are predominantly low income families.

Sam Cowan, Retford

PC Schooling did a wonderful job in sorting out how best to respond to another man who was threatening me. Even though I'm now living in a different jurisdiction (Scotland), PC Schooling took over the complaint from Police Scotland, figured out how to handle the situation, dealt with it (helped by the team), and then checked back with me to make sure the threats had stopped. I was afraid but now I feel a whole lot safer. I'm so grateful that a gay man can report stalking/blackmail, and be heard and taken seriously. Thank you to PC Schooling, so much.

Anonymous, Dundee

I had two iPads stolen by someone known to the business; we had spent months trying to recover them with no joy. PC Cook got in touch and in less than six hours had retrieved the items and got them safely back to us saving the business £1000s to replace. He was swift, friendly and very professional!

Paul Melia, Nottingham

I had been having mental health issues and suicidal thoughts and just over two weeks ago everything got too much. I had also had a fair bit to drink this particular night which wasn’t good with my meds. I went missing for a short while and apparently there were many police officers looking for me. Police Officer Tony took me to A&E at QMC (which is also where I work!!) and stayed with me until the end of his shift plus longer because I couldn’t be left on my own and my husband had been turned away at reception. Tony was lovely, very patient, easy to chat to and caring. After a two-night stay in Highbury Hospital I am now on my way to recovery and feeling much better.

Anonymous, Nottingham

I was involved in a RTA, several officers attended, I only got PC Broadbent’s name, but the thank you is to all the officers that attended. They behaved in a professional manner whilst understanding how upset I felt. They reinforced my view that they’re doing a very difficult job, a manner they, their senior officers and the public can be incredibly proud of. Keep up the excellent work.

Robert Hamer, Nottingham

August 2020

The officers helped my friend and I get a very heavy Labrador out of the stream near St Leodegarius church today. We wouldn't have managed without them. Massive thank you. Hope their socks dry out quickly.

Jane Barratt, Nottingham

A child I use to Mentor in Primary went missing. The police did an amazing job locating him. Also the police officer that walked through Strelley Park whom my daughter and I walked with was totally professional and dedicated to what she was doing. My daughter and I would of not gone on there without her to look. So proud of our Police force. Keep up all the hard work you do. Your Amazing and font get enough credit for what you do.

Anonymous, Nottingham

Bathley Parish Council would like to thank the police team that cordoned off a fallen bow on Vicarage Lane, Bathley NG23 which was causing an obstruction over the road and would have been a safety hazard for drivers.  We appreciate your very swift attention to this and the tree has now been moved.

Their prompt action in cordoning off a fallen tree across Vicarage Lane in Bathley within 15 minutes of being told about it was commendable. Thank you.

Bathley Parish Council, Newark

Thank you to the officer for his tactfulness and firmness in the response to an unnecessary 999 call made in temper by a 13 year old girl who was angry because I had taken her new phone from her and replaced it with her old one because the day before she had made another 999 call because I had found where she had absconded to.

The officer advised and educated her of the consequences of walking around the streets at night aged only 13 and a female! Also the errors of her ways by lying to a PC when questioned.

Anonymous, Hucknall

Ben was absolutely brilliant and a true asset to Nottinghamshire police. He helped solve, in a matter of couple of hours, a problem that has been going on for a long time. His approach was friendly, helpful and very professional. I can not thank him enough for his help, advice and support.

You are fantastic at your job and a really lovely person. You are an absolute credit to Nottinghamshire police. I really appreciate the time & diligence which you took to completely solve the issue. I can't thank you enough.

Anonymous, Nottingham

We would like to send a big thank you to PC Simon Jones (2859) and his 2 colleagues. After breaking down in the outside lane of the A60 near County Hall, PC Jones stopped and offered us assistance. Our roadside assistance company failed to help, although we were fully covered, leaving us, 2 people in our 70’s, with heart problems unsupported.

PC Jones ensured our safety, called 2 colleagues & moved our car off the main road. He called a breakdown truck & we were able to return home.

We feel PC Jones & his colleagues went “over and above” to help us out & we remain extremely grateful for their assistance.

Anonymous, Nottinghamshire

I would like to thank PC1773 and his colleagues who helped me whilst my car broke down on a dangerous location on A1 earlier today. PC1773 even tried to help me changing flat tyre risking his life. I salute the officer and his colleagues. They are credit to your force and the public they serve.

Nisar Ahmed, Lancashire

I would just like to say thankyou for bringing my son home tonight but also id like to apologise for his poor decisions and the danger he put himself in.

Anonymous, Worksop

Provided first on scene patient care to a young chap with a severe head injury and a heavy bleed (1 litre before ambulance arrival). An officer was using a bandage and applying direct pressure to a massive wound and essentially prevented the patient from becoming very unwell or even dying. Despite the vast amount of blood the officer was very calm and kept the patient calm and gave a perfect handover to the ambulance crew. The actions of the officer and his colleagues were amazing, very professional and a job well done.

You guys are amazing, you have to do so many different things in your job, you were a medic and a police officer in that situation, you did a great job at both.

Anonymous, Long Eaton

July 2020

I stopped on the Annesley Bypass to assist a broken down member of the public parked in a very vulnerable position. Their vehicle could not be moved and they were in the outside lane of the dual carriageway. I called for Police assistance due to the high risk caused by the speed of approaching vehicles.

The control room was extremely helpful and agreed to send assistance to us immediately. The first officer was quickly on scene and protected us all whilst waiting for the AA to arrive. A second office also provided more protection with a van, although I didn't manage to see them. Please would you pass on my thanks for a job well done which prevented a potentially serious RTC.

Jean Cragg MBE, Hucknall

Two officers arrived at the Willow Tree pub  to deal with some people. We were sat outside and our little boy was so excited to see a real life police officer! Once able to they were kind enough to talk to him about being a police officer and it absolutely made his year.

We can’t say thank you enough as it meant so much to him! We are just sorry we didn’t get their names but please do pass on our thanks again.

Anonymous, West Bridgford

We would both like to thank the PC for going above and beyond the call of duty in responding to the issues related to this incident. He went out of his way to speak with our son who is struggling at the moment and in need of support to stop him increasing with negative behaviours. We felt very supported by this PC and were most appreciative of his input over the weekend of 18.7.2020. Please share our thanks and appreciation with him.

We wish you well in your career and hope that you continue to have such a positive attitude in dealing with the general public.

Anonymous, Nottingham

After being involved in a RTC on my cycle, PC 1839 was the investigating officer. Without his support and professionalism in dealing with the case I do believe the outcome could so easily have been different. The other party involved admitted 100% liability and after a lengthy battle with their insurance company they have settled the case . Many thanks again.

David Woodhead, Sheffield

PC Gibson and another female officer attended the scene of a road traffic accident which I was involved in. Thankfully nobody in either vehicle was hurt and I wanted to register my appreciation for the compassion, courtesy and professionalism shown by PC Gibson and her colleague.  It was greatly appreciated in a very stressful situation.

What you did for me that day was in my opinion excellent community policing, for which I offer my sincere gratitude.  Thanks to both of you, stay safe and keep up the good work.

Anonymous, Nottingham

The PC and his colleague attended an RTC that my wife and I were involved in. Their attitude was highly professional but at the same time helpful, friendly, supportive and caring.

They drove my car to the Sainsbury's car park where both it and we would be safe to await the recovery vehicle. They are a credit to the Nottinghamshire Police Force.

Thank You both for the exemplary way you handled the situation. Their actions reinforced my good views of the Police Force gained while working in the QMC ED as a Volunteer.

Kenneth Warren, East Leake

We were supporting a person with a learning disability who was confused and dissorinated. The officers helped us get him home safely, we would just like to say thank you for the support and understanding we received from the two male officers that attended our call last night. We're really grateful for your help in getting him home safe. Thank You!

Anonymous, Kirkby

June 2020

PC Hart liaised with us following an incident which resulted in some criminal damage being caused to our fence. The whole episode was resolved swiftly by way of restorative justice and PC Hart kept us updated with progress. She engaged brilliantly with our young children, taking the time to explain and reassure them about what had happened. She was great.

Anonymous, Nottingham

I was very worried about my pregnant daughter (baby due next day)who was alone in a long traffic queue following an accident on the A1 northbound the officer patrolling the junction at Ranby (don't know her name) was immediately caring and extremely helpful.

Straightaway she understood the potential problems of my daughter being without food or possibly water for several hours and put an action plan in place to safeguard her health as it was not possible to get food or water to her. This was not actually a police matter, I know, but she could not have been more helpful or kind.

Thank you to her.

Rachel Goodfellow, Retford

An officer visited me this morning 19/06/2020 about some missing money. They were kind, caring, considerate, polite and helpful. They really put me at ease, we had a lovely conversation and conversed about my missing money and other topics such as tv programmes we both watched. I felt really special, like I was number one.

Thank you so very very much, I will never ever forget how kind you were to me.

Alison Wright, Newark

Approximately at 00:15 on the 18/6/20, 8 officers escorted a patient to our care via ambulance. Due to some circumstances the patient had to be treated within a query Covid area, meaning these officers were given full PPE in order to protect themselves and us in restraining the patient during his treatment due to his violent behaviour.

I would like to highlight how impressed myself and other members of staff here at QMC were with their attitude and behaviour during this time as evidently these officers were in a very unfamiliar environment and still acted professionally and confidently to protected staff, themselves and patient.

These are some very difficult times recently and it’s comforting to know we can all work together to support each other!

Thank you very much to you all at Nottinghamshire Police for your dedication and hard work!

Iona, Emergency Department, QMC

My son, Cory Taylor, went missing, suspected overdose and was found in a bad way and taken to QMC. These officers went beyond the call of duty to try to find Cory and to make sure he was looked after when he was found. They were professional but personable and compassionate from the onset and I really do feel I owe them my son's life.

They responded to every piece of information we provided no matter how small. The officers contacted me after the incident to check on Cory's welfare. I have never had a bad experience with the police but I really do feel these officers were outstanding and the best I have ever dealt with.

A massive thank you for everything you both did!

Paula Howes, Pinxton

I can't thank the officer enough for the support he has given me today!! Made me feel safe and stayed with me the whole time of being in hospital making sure I was ok.. Thank you! X

Anonymous, Nottingham

Bishops Court Care and Support Centre is scheduled to close its doors on Friday August 28th at 12 midday. We would like to thank all the local police in Ollerton for their help and support over the past 39 years and wish you all well. Thank you.

Ginny Bullock, Newark

I called regarding an incident that was looking suspicious, police arrived very quickly. They had a good look around a patrolled the area, to check up on things.

I thought it would be nice to say thank-you. A lot going off in the world today & very easy to pull people down. But was impressed right from the initial call in of the situation. Well done.

Anonymous, Nottingham

This morning a police van stopped as I was pushing my bike down alfreton rd, they went out of their way and assisted with changing my inner tube, even offered hot beverages.

Anonymous, Nottingham

I have had cause to ring Nottinghamshire police Following issues with my neighbours, the police have been more than helpful, they really have gone out of their way to assist me. The officer was very delightful, as was the gentleman the other evening ,Friday to be precise. They listened me, took my details and vowed to assist me as I was vulnerable and the incidents I rang up about were upsetting me considerably.

Mrs Wright, Newark

I would just like to say a massive thank you to your officer who was driving on Thursday 28th May at Gamston on the A52.

I was travelling in funeral cortege when your PC went into the outside lane of the A52 looking like he was going to overtake our vehicles, having not seen the hearse as there were a few cars following. On seeing our hearse your PC then slowed down and pulled back behind us and followed the funeral cortege onto the next island, at the same time making sure that people behind him also slowed down and didn't overtake us.

In this day and age and the situation we all find ourselves in with Covid 19, and knowing how busy you and all of your staff are. I would like you to pass my thanks onto the PC who showed the upmost respect to myself, my company and more importantly the gentleman who's funeral service we were looking after at the time and his family.

We were so touched by his gesture and having spoken to our family since they were very grateful for the respect which, was shown by your PC.

Michelle Mills, Radcliffe-on-Trent

I was held up on the m1. I would like to thank the officers who turned the queued traffic round in the hot conditions with a cheerful smile for everyone. Even though the officer I saw was clearly feeling the heat. Thank you all for your efforts

Anonymous, Leicestershire

May 2020

The femail officer stopped to help an elderly man who had collapsed on Station road, Keyworth 31st of May 2020 at 7.30ish. I had stopped along with another chap he rang the ambulance while I assisted the man's wife put him in the recovery position. Holly was amazing she was friendly and grateful for what we had done so far but took control of the situation she talked to the man as he came around. There was also a young man... off duty police office from Leicestershire who also stopped. She was fantastic. She also took the time to say thank you to us who helped.

Thank you...you are an amazing young police officer and I'm grateful you stopped to help.

Helen Joyce, Cotgrave

The officers took me to primary care at kingsmill hospital with concerns over my welfare. Both officers really looked after me and dramatic as it may sound they probably saved my life. I cannot put into words how thankful I am for their support.

Colin Bevis, Kirkby in Ashfield

We had reason to call you last night and I just wanted to say how impressed we where with the response and attitude of the policeman we had contact with. Whilst still on the phone to the lovely call handler the police turned up. The call handler was lovely and helpful.

The police where super quick and polite when they came to ask us questions. I really appreciate it especially during this strange time.

Anonymous, Kirkby

My son was drunk in the early hours of Friday 8th May, which we had to call the ambulance service out but because he was flinging himself about. They then had to call yourselves out and I would just like to say thank you for your help, patience and understanding and in this time of isolation I think you are all amazing.

Anonymous, Nottingham

April 2020

This afternoon, whilst out walking in my local park, I suffered an epileptic seizure. Whilst experiencing the warning signs for the seizure, I tried to contact the emergency services, but I was unable to tell anyone where I was or what was happening. Within a short amount of time, the police had located my home address, contacted my husband and circulated my details as a missing person. Although I do not have the names or the collar numbers of the police officers who helped me, I am so grateful for their care and compassion. They delivered me home to my family and made sure that I was safe.

Nichola Tucker, Nottingham

I m a Healthcare assistant at the City Hospital. I want say thank you so much for your job, for support us every Thursday.

Vincenzo, Nottingham

I felt extremely unwell (I have epilepsy and other kinds of seizures) it's the scariest thing that's ever happened to me, I feel like I'm going to die. I saw the PCSO a few feet from me (I assume to get some lunch for herself). I waved her to come over to me, she went straight into action. Offered me food, drink, a chair, ambulance, calling a family member to come help and pick me up. She was so gentle and calming, more so than a lot of doctors and friends. She even sat in the van and kept an eye on me as I left. I didn't catch her name or number as I was concentrating on not have a seizure. She made me feel so safe and offered to do anything that would help.

Thank you so much, you would also be an amazing paramedic, social worker, public relations or even a therapist. You may have saved my life that day and I can't thabk you enough.

Anonymous, Ruddington

My mother is in the late stages of dementia and is very fragile, as you can understand she does not know what is happening around her at this time.

Somehow she managed to get out which is a concern for us as a family with coronavirus currently around.

As I know it my mother had managed to walk quite away and found herself tired and sat down, apparently she was spotted by a lady who worked in the care profession who asked questions, she realised she was suffering with dementia and contacted the police.

I can’t thank the lady and the officer’s enough , After speaking to the carer the police officers had the foresight to put my mum in the car and take her into the estate nearby, they asked local residents if they recognised her , luck as had it someone recognised her and pointed them in the right direction. I eventually noticed the police car whilst searching for her and waved them down, the relief I cannot explain.

First of all I need to apologise as I was having to deal with my mother.

I would like to thank the lady & gent officers who attended. We are all vulnerable at the moment with coronavirus but they put my mother before there own safety. I wanted to pass on my thanks as the police always seem to be the punch bags, well I can assure you that us as a family can not thank them enough. Thank you for your professionalism and keep up the great work you are doing. You are really appreciated even though at times you must feel that Isn’t the case. I’m so sorry I didn’t get the officers names as my brother was answering their question, unfortunately he didn’t get there details

Mick Hibbert, Bulwell

I would like to thank PC Turner and his team for all their efforts dealing with incidents with homeless/drug dealers congregating, spitting etc whilst the Corona virus is ongoing in the Worksop town centre and Queen St in Worksop. They have done a marvellous job trying their best to split up the gangs of 15-20.

PC Turner has helped my parents on Queen St in Worksop on several occasions, and nothing is too much trouble for him. Keep up the good work everyone really appreciates your efforts.

Anonymous, Worksop

I read today that K9 Quantum and his officer colleagues were injured in a very disturbing incident following a violent member of the public who was out by Nottingham station and approached about why he was out. There is never any excuse to attack a defenceless animal or police officer who are simply doing their job.

I really hope that K9 Quantum will make a full recovery and get plenty of rest and treats. Thank you K9 Quantum and your human colleagues for your bravery and for the challenging work you do for us. Sending huge hugs and heartfelt thanks.

Please take good care of yourself. Sending hugs and thanks for all you do.

Anonymous, Swansea

Just like to say thanks to the officers who provided a very prompt response to a concern for welfare request to check on my 90 yr old father (with underlying medical conditions) after being unable to reach him by phone for a number of days. I am based in Liverpool so your assistance was greatly appreciated.  And also to the call taker who was excellent over the phone...Thank you.

Anonymous, Lancashire

March 2020

I want to place on record my deep appreciation for the way two of your officers dealt with what could have been a very difficult situation. They were calm and professional and kept me informed of subsequent developments.

I just want to thank them for dealing with a very sensitive issue with such empathetic care!!!

Anonymous, Nottingham

The PC and the officer with him treat me with he utmost respect and understanding upon my arrest.  When we arrived at the station the Sergeant on duty was courteous and patient.  Even in the current national crisis I was processed with the utmost care and respect, everything was made clear to me and the time was taken to ensure my mental health was of their utmost concern.  Although I would never of wished to find myself in those circumstances the whole ordeal was handled as professional as i could imagine my all the police officers.

Anonymous, Nottinghamshire

Being very worried about a friend suffering with dementia and having not had contact with her for over a week ( an unusual state of affairs ), I managed, with some difficulty, to speak to your control room officer. She listened carefully to my concerns, took the 'patchy' information I was able to give, then obviously took immediate action on my behalf. About an hour after she had given me an incident number, I received a phone call from the friend I was concerned about to tell me that she was well and with relatives who had not thought to tell me that they were looking after her. The local police - West Midlands, I believe, tuesday had contacted the relatives explaining my worries.

I want to commend everyone involved in bringing me reassurance that my friend was as well as I could expect.

John Suggett, Calverton

My brother was missing from Thursday March 12th the officer who came to visit and inform us was very polite and informative to us even though we were unable to offer any info as to my brother’s whereabouts, this could have proved frustrating to the officer but he remained positive, communication ongoing was good and Andrew was found eventually thanks to the Police help. We really appreciate the effort involved and wish to convey thanks again.

Ian Earl, Warsop

My wife went missing on Thursday evening and l called the police 3hrs later. The service, care, compassion and hard work I received was fantastic, not only during Thursday night but into Friday morning as well. Fortunately my wife was found some 15hrs after going missing. Thanks very much guys, you're all first class.

Anonymous, Nottinghamshire

February 2020

PC Crane visited our school and delivered two excellent sessions on crime and punishment. She had fantastic knowledge and kept the children incredibly well-engaged! We also had the privilege of getting a tour of the van and equipment. Our children loved it and have been talking about it for weeks! Thank you so much!

Anonymous, Nottinghamshire

I was working at an incident as Bronze Commander on behalf of Highways England. A HGV had gone over onto its side at the Cattle Market roundabout at Newark. The officer had been there since 15.20 and I got there at 18.30. He was there untill the incident was cleared up and the roundabout opened at about 22.30. 

I wish to say the officer is a credit to your force.  It was a very busy incident and nothing was to much trouble for him.  He dealt with some very irate motorist and assisted us in any way we asked.  It was a pleasure to see a true professional at work.

Michael Baker, Lincoln

We were so impressed with the efficiency and professionalism of the whole team, from the moment we rang the central switchboard, through the very quick arrival of two officers to their help and patience dealing with both us on the end of a phone in France and the two community minded neighbours who also helped. Thank you to everyone!

Sarah Smith, Nottingham

Today I was in need of support due to my failing mental health. Two officers came out to find me at the limekiln pub Bulwell. Time was around lunchtime. I failed to get their names or numbers but I want to pass on my thanks for the kind and caring way they dealt with me. They never judged me and made me feel at ease and I know they genuinely cared. My life seems to be getting worse and I am truly struggling with my health but your offices pick up the pieces of the failings of the mental health services and I for one am truly grateful. God bless them.

Anonymous, Derbyshire

January 2020

Please can you pass on my thanks to the lovely police officer who helped me after I had a car accident in Underwood in December.  I had a very scary incident when a lorry that was approaching me shed an object which hit the front of my car (causing my car to be un-driveable).

I’ve never had cause to be helped by the police before, but I felt the police officer went above and beyond.  I really appreciated his time in helping me get sorted.  Unfortunately I don’t have any further details other than the incident number, but I do hope you are able to pass my message on to say I am very thankful to him for his help, kindness and good humour that made my day feel a heck of a lot better after the frightening experience I had.  It made such a difference - and I thought he was brilliant. Thank you so much.

Anonymous, Eastwood

On Saturday 18th October I was travelling on the A46 towing a horse box with a large horse on board.  My car broke down in a dangerous place around a blind corner on a fast stretch of the road.

We called 999 and they dispatched PC Lindsey who got to us in very quick time and positioned his car to block the lane and provide us protection whilst we were waiting for recovery.  Then PC Lindsey tried to get us going but to no avail and he waited with us very patiently, which is more than I can say for the passing motorists who were quite rude.

Then PC Lindsey advised us how to do the complicated recovery safely as first we had to get the horse off the lorry and onto another vehicle, then get the trailer recovered and finally the car.

Throughout the 2 hours we needed to undertake this PC Lindsey was courteous, helpful and very relaxed which really helped in what to us was a very stressful situation.

I would just like to say a heartfelt thank you to an extremely nice man who went above and beyond my expectations to make what could have been a disastrous and stressful situation into a relatively safe and calm one.  If only all people behaved like this the world would be a much nicer and safer place.

John Read, Castle Donnington

My husband was hit by a car last week and the officers who came were very professional and kind, they even held an umbrella over him when it started to rain as he lay on the road until the paramedics came. We were very impressed with how helpful they were. I do not remember their names but they should be told we are very thankful.

Anonymous, West Bridgford

My father’s car broke down yesterday on Coxmoor Road, Sutton in Ashfield.  PC Josh not sure of his surname but he stayed with my father until his car was recovered, but he even tried to scout if my dad had roadside assistance before calling a recovery vehicle.  Josh then took my father and the two dogs to his home address, unfortunately my father had left his keys in the vehicle.  Not wanting to leave my father outside he bought him to my home.

Mark at the call centre was really professional and was able to calm me down and explain that my father’s car had broken down and that the police officer was with him. Nottinghamshire Police should be really proud of themselves and their officers and staff.  Josh would not leave a vulnerable older gentleman, I am so thankful to both.

Gail Jones, Sutton-In-Ashfield

The officer, along with other officers attended my property to enter a room to find a dead tenant and then secure the room. He consulted with a senior officer to determine whether or not there were any signs of fowl play. They responded very quickly (15 minutes), He took a statement and acted with total professionalism.

Thankyou very much guys for dealing with this horrible situation with speed, empathy and professionalism and also for the follow up advice.

Anonymous, Nottingham

Yesterday when you called round I was extremely upset and embarrassed by having to admit how intimidating the two recent incidents with nearby builders had been, but you listened and after my husband phoned in this morning we both feel reassured and I feel more confident to be able to leave the house again. I wouldn’t have bothered you with this problem as you have so many more important tasks to do, so THANK YOU both again for your diligence in finding the truth of the situation my husband was accused of.

I’m only sorry you have to spend time dealing with these more social problems, if people were more thoughtful and considerate, your jobs (and everyone’s lives) would be easier Keep up the good work.

Anonymous, Colwick

Two officers dropped some laminated posters for my front door at my flat. My partner has Dementia and Alzheimer's so it's made a huge difference against cold callers.

Amanda Jeffrey, Arnold

I went to Bassetlaw Hospital after taking an overdose the day before and having a mental health crisis. At the time I didn't feel I was unwell mentally but officers obviously identified that I was. I was seen by the crisis team who deemed me not to be unwell and to have capacity based on inaccurate and outdated information from over a year ago.

I refused treatment and due to the crisis teams incompetent assessment, I was discharged despite being in serious danger of death from the overdose. However, your officers fought hard for me, took me to another hospital where staff identified I was indeed very unwell, and enforced medical treatment which saved my life. Whilst I fought against treatment and medical advice at the time due to being so unwell, the decisions and hard work by your officers to protect me meant I am now alive, my children still have their mum and I am now taking medication to aid my recovery.

Without those officers, I would not be here today. They trusted their own judgement rather than the outdated information they were given by the mental health team on the day and I will be forever grateful to them for that. Please thank them from the bottom of my heart and please tell them to continue fighting for those vulnerable people whose voice tends to get unheard in times of crisis.

Anonymous, Lincolnshire