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Report a theft from your vehicle

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Advice on what to do if someone has broken into or stolen items from your vehicle.

How to report a theft from your vehicle

To report a theft from your vehicle, please call Nottinghamshire Police using the 101 non-emergency number.

What information will I be asked for?

  • The time of the offence or the times between leaving and returning to your vehicle.
  • The location of where the incident occurred.
  • Whether you noticed any suspicious activity in the area at the time of the offence.
  • Details of what damage has been caused.
  • Details of what items have been stolen or damaged, including identifiable features and serial numbers.
  • Contact information – including your email address – for us to contact you for more information.

What happens next

What we will do with your report

Once you have reported the theft, we may re-contact you to ask for more information about the incident to help determine how likely it is that we will identify those responsible and whether there are grounds to continue the investigation.

Will an officer visit me?

An officer may visit you if an investigation is required and there is a good possibility of identifying those responsible. This decision will be made by considering a number of factors, including whether there is:

  • Clear evidence left at the scene that could identify the offender(s), such as discarded clothing or other items and samples of blood that could be recovered from the scene.
  • A witness who saw the incident and can provide substantial information that could help to identify those responsible.
  • Any CCTV in the area that is likely to have captured the offence taking place.

What information we will provide to you

Where it is decided that an investigation is not likely to identify the offender, you will be provided with a crime reference number. You will need to provide this to your insurance company if you intend to make a claim for the items that have been stolen.

How we will keep you informed

We will keep you informed if your items are recovered and about any significant progress of the investigation, including when a suspect is arrested or charged in connection with the offence.

We will also inform you if it is decided not to investigate your report further.

What support am I entitled to as a victim of crime?

We will explain your entitlements as a victim of crime to you when you report your incident to us, with more information about your entitlements available on our victim information web page.