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Farm buildings: Rural crime prevention advice

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Reduce the risk in six steps:

  1. Store all of your property indoors and keep your doors and windows locked.
  2. Fit British Standard locks with strong locking bars to doors and windows. If padlocks are used make sure they are robust
  3. Upgrade your storage to reflect the value of your property.
  4. Install sensor controlled ‘dusk till dawn’ security lights.
  5. Consider CCTV as additional security for vulnerable areas.
  6. Consider an audible and monitored intruder alarm system.

Mark your property

Deter thieves - make sure your property is clearly marked CREMARK and similar property marking systems are available to buy from Nottinghamshire Police’s Pre Crime Unit. To request more information call 101 ext 800 3011.

Love it? Log it

All property, including vehicles should be photographed and recorded in an asset register. Love it, log it! www.immobilise.com

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