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Report a problem on the roads

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Information on how to report a problem on Nottinghamshire’s highways, including potholes, broken street lights, overhanging branches and any other obstruction.

Reporting a problem on the M1, A1, A46 A52 and A453

Problems on any of the above roads should be reported to Aone+ by calling 0300 123 5000.

Reporting a problem on any other road in Nottinghamshire

Reports of problems on any other roads – including potholes, broken street lights, obstructions, mud on the road, illegal signs, overhanging tree branches, hedges, skips or scaffolding – should be made to the local highways authority for your area:

When you should contact the police

You should only contact the police when:

  • A parked vehicle is causing an immediate obstruction
  • A problem or obstruction is causing an immediate risk to public safety or is likely to cause injury or significant disruption. This may include a broken down vehicles that are causing a significant obstruction.
  • A collision has taken place and fuel, oils, other liquids or items have been spilt on the road surface.
  • An animal has been injured and requires urgent veterinary attention.

In these circumstances, please call Nottinghamshire Police using the 101 non-emergency number or call 999 in an emergency.