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Advice guide - Motorbike and scooter security

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Keeping your motorbike or scooter safe

Here is our guide with advice and tips from our Crime Prevention Unit on keeping your motorbike or scooter safe and secure.

Security tips for your motorbike or scooter

  • If your motorbike or scooter doesn’t already have one, get a Thatcham or Sold Secure approved electronic immobiliser professionally fitted.
  • If you have a security device fitted, always use it. A wide variety of locks can be used, such as chains or padlocks, disc locks and D locks.
  • The most important thing to remember is to secure your motorbike to a solid object that can’t be moved.
  • Always put a steering lock on.
  • When you are not using your motorbike or scooter, put it in a garage or a secure outbuilding with a fixed or ground anchor to secure it to inside the building. If you can, fit a good lock and an alarm system to your garage or outbuilding.
  • Don’t leave your garage open and make sure your vehicle is covered up, even when you are at home. Some motorbikes and scooters are stolen to order, so a motorbike spotted by a thief today could be stolen tomorrow.

Security equipment

It is worth investing in products that have been tested to ensure they offer a good level of security against attack. There are three ranges of product worth considering.

Secured by Design

The first range as passed the Secured by Design (SBD) Police Preferred Specification. SBD is the national police crime prevention initiative, aimed at ensuring a guaranteed level of security for any security product assessed under the scheme.

Sold Secure

The second range are products tested and certified by Sold Secure, a not for profit company run by the Master Locksmiths Association. Sold Secure offers three levels of approval: Gold, Silver and Bronze, each with a level of security relevant to the grading. Sold Secure Gold is recommended in the following list, based upon products tested in the categories of motorcycle, motor scooter and ground anchor.


The final range is also tested and certified under the guidance of a not for profit organisation, Thatcham. Formed by a group of insurance companies, Thatcham certifies products in the following categories: 1 – alarms and immobilisers, 2 (1) – alarm upgrades, 3 – mechanical immobilisers (locks and chains), 6 – stolen vehicle tracking, 7 – stolen vehicle location, S5 – vehicle tracking. Vehicle marking systems are also tested. When a product achieves Thatcham accreditation, it is confirmed as being TQA – Thatcham Quality Assured.

Some products are not security rated, but are still of great use in deterring or preventing theft, such as bike covers, grip locks and one way screws for number plates.

Safer parking advice for your motorbike and scooter

  • Whenever possible, avoid leaving your helmet or other accessories on your motorbike or scooter or in a luggage space on panniers.
  • If you are parking your bike, leave your seat open so that thieves do not break the seat lock if they target your vehicle and search for items to steal.
  • Use a parking space built specially for motorbikes or scooters. They will have stands or security loops.
  • Look for one that has achieved the police approved safer parking award-Park Mark.

Find out more at: www.parkmark.co.uk

Security marking and devices

  • It is a good idea to security mark your vehicle and as many parts of it as possible.
  • Use an engraving kit or a security marker pen to mark your motorbike or scooter with identifying details, such as the vehicle registration number or postcode.

Engine cut-off switch

Fit this switch after you have bought your vehicle so a potential thief doesn’t know where it is located on your motorbike or scooter.


Alarms are not always the cure-all they are sold as. If no one hears it, it is not effective. If someone does hear it, they often ignore it.

Particularly effective alarms are:

  • Paging alarm- sends an alert to a pager if the alarm is triggered.
  • Talking alarm- emits a spoken warning if your vehicle is touched and then sounds an alarm.
  • Visit the Secured by Design website for products approved by the police www.securedbydesign.com.

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To speak to our Crime Prevention Unit about protecting your property and reducing your chances of becoming a victim of crime, email Nphub@nottinghamshire.pnn.police.uk

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