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Advice guide - Building site security

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Keeping your building site safe and secure

Advice and tips from our Crime Prevention Unit on how site supervisors and those working in the construction industry can keep sites safe and secure.

Site perimeter protection

  • Security fencing is the best form of perimeter protection. Exits and entrances should be kept to the minimum required to the safe operation of the site.
  • Employ security guards especially in areas of known high crime.
  • Lighting; good portable lighting will help illuminate the site and deter intruders.
  • CCTV and intruder alarm systems either stand alone or integrated, should be considered to protect security compounds and site offices.
  • Display warning notices stating security precautions are in force without providing specific details.

Site staff awareness

  • Consider making members of staff personally responsible for company equipment they use.
  • Ensure everyone on site is aware of company policy and familiar with site security procedures.
  • Inform all staff that you expect them to report suspicious incidents and that all information will be treated in confidence.
  • If any equipment is stolen, you should report the theft immediately to the police, giving as much as information as possible about the missing items.

On site security

  • When designing your site, position the site office in area with limited access for an opportunistic thief.
  • Encourage everyone on site to mark all their tools and keep a list of all Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) as well as serial numbers and engine numbers.
  • Any tools left on site overnight should be stored in security tool sheds, protected by CCTV or intruder alarm systems.
  • Remove ignition keys from ALL unattended equipment.
  • Whenever possible, park vehicles off the road at night and weekends.
  • Security passes should be worn at all times, challenge those who aren’t wearing one.
  • Report any suspicious behaviour.

Plant and materials security

  • When ordering plant and equipment from a hire company, always ensure there will be a responsible person on site to accept delivery.
  • Be wary of anyone offering plant or equipment for sale, particularly if they have no proof of ownership, most major companies paint their equipment with their logo, company name or own colours.
  • Order the minimum amount of materials you need and as with deliveries ensure someone is on site to accept them.
  • Store valuable materials such as copper pipe, electrical cable lead in secure stores, ensuring they are protected by CCTV, intruder alarms or security patrols.
  • When the building develops, beware of the likelihood of theft from completed or partially completed buildings, such as copper pipe.

Find more advice on our crime prevention advice page.

To speak to our Crime Prevention Unit about protecting your property and reducing your chances of becoming a victim of crime, email Nphub@nottinghamshire.pnn.police.uk

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