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We hold a range of information, some of which is freely available to anyone. Other information is only accessible by certain people and in specific circumstances. Some information cannot be disclosed. We also share information with partner agencies and other organisations.

Below is an explaination of the type of information we hold and how it may be accessed.

Data Protection Act - Information about people

This is personal information that relates to a living individual and covers things such as an individual's criminal/police records, crime reports and incidents and information required for legal proceedings in civil court.

Access to this kind of information is governed by the Data Protection Act. This also allows you to request that incorrect information about you be changed.

You are not entitled to see information about other people without their permission and we may also refuse to disclose personal information under certain circumstances.

Further information is available on our Data Protection Act - Information About People page, inlcuding how to access personal information.

Insurance companies

Insurance companies sometimes require a crime report or crime number before processing an insurance claim. For more information about requests from insurance companies, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page under the entry, "My insurers want me to get a copy of police reports to support our claim".

Freedom of Information Act - Information about things other than people

We are required, when asked, to disclose information of a non-personal nature. This includes statistical information about reported incidents, how we spend money and how many vehicles we operate, for example.

Access to this kind of information is covered by the Freedom of Information Act. For further information see our page on Freedom of Information.

Some of this information is routinely published under our Publication Scheme. Before making a request for information, please check our publication scheme as the information may already be published.

We routinely publish our responses to request made under the Freedom of Information Act on our Disclosure Log page. Before making a request we suggest you check the disclosure log first as you your question may have already been answered in a previous freedom of information request.

Publication Scheme - Routine publishing of non-personal information

We routinely publish non-personal information under our Freedom of Information Publication Scheme.

This covers the routine publication of financial information, registers and information about who our senior officers and staff are.

Crime Mapping - Information about crimes and locations

You can access information about crimes and where they have happened.

You can do this through the POLICE.UK website.

Child Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme (Sarah's Law)

We operate a scheme that allows anyone concerned about others working, living or in contact with children to raise their concerns with the police. This may include a parent concerned about their new partner or a friend of the family.

Once a concern is raised, we will carry out background checks and, where appropriate, inform the person best placed to protect the child or children concerned from harm.

Please see the link at the bottom of this page for more information about the scheme.

If you have concerns that a child is being abused or is at immediate risk of harm, contact us immediately on 999.

Child Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme
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