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Services we will charge you for

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Like all police forces in England and Wales, Nottinghamshire is a nationally and locally tax-funded service.

That is why the service you receive from us is called a 'public service', because it's provided out of public funds for the benefit of the public.

However, there are some functions, goods and services that we provide beyond day to day policing where it's appropriate for us to charge individuals or organisations to recover costs.

The services we charge for cover four areas

  • special police services at an event, for example a pop concert, street party or football match usually used by sporting organisations, event organisers and local authorities
  • goods and service to other individuals and bodies, for example copies of reports
  • police services to other agencies, such as the prison service or UK Border Agency
  • provision of mutual aid (assistance) to other police forces

Depending on the circumstances, the services we provide can be accessed by a member of the public, a company or a partner agency.

For example, if you have crashed your car into another vehicle and subsequently damaged a lamppost, you may represent yourself at court and need copies of reports and statements from us to use during your court case. The other driver may use a firm of solicitors to deal with their side of the case and the solicitors can make requests to the force for items of evidence and reports. The local authority may need to recover the cost for repairing the damaged lamppost and can also request reports and statements from us.

We use national guidance to charge for the policing of events, which is designed to offset the cost to the taxpayer of overtime and the extra resources needed for some events. 

Contact information

If you would like to discuss our charges, please contact our Operational Support department on 101 extension 800 2157.