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Delivering the Future

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Through our Delivering the Future change programme you will see differences in the way policing is delivered in Nottinghamshire.

Delivering the Future

Nottinghamshire Police’s strategic change programme, Delivering the Future, is tasked with delivering a policing model for Nottinghamshire which is affordable, effective and efficient in achieving its policing responsibilities.

The change programme has come a long way and delivered over £42m savings since its original inception in 2010 as the Transformational Change Strategy, followed by the Target Operating Model programme and Designing the Future. Designing the Future was the first part of the most recent change programme, which looked to create an operating model that would be fit for the future, while reducing costs.

Delivering the Future then took over the project with the aim of implementing all of the plans that had been designed, while reacting to the changing picture of policing.

The programme is now launching into its next evolution, which is focusing on the following areas of work to ensure the change is driven forward in a clear, concise and effective way, with the backing of the teams, who are working to provide the best service possible to our communities:


  • our current demand
  • our new and emerging demand
  • what the future may bring
  • horizon scanning


  • our workforce as it is now and how it will be until 2020
  • how to match our resources to the demand we face and explore our current systems and processes. Allowing us to identify how to make them lean, yet effective, and release capacity for the force
  • make best use of technology to provide capacity to the force


  • what our people can do - what skills our people have - what skills we will need in the future 

And using this information, we must ensure our staff have the training, equipment and technology to meet the demand requirements. 

Force structure

  • have an operating model which is sustainable and enables the force to efficiently address the demands it faces now and in the future

Communication and engagement

  • ensuring our staff are engaged and communicated with throughout the entire programme, listening to them as the experts in their roles
  • ensuring our staff feel trusted and supported in conducting their roles
  • ensuring we consult with and listen to our communities and stakeholders with regard to their views on proposed changes


  • financial reporting and analysis for the DtF programme, tracking of efficiencies and saving initiatives, and evaluating risks and liabilities

Developing a policing model for Nottinghamshire for 2020 and beyond

The way we police Nottinghamshire has changed drastically over the years but our focus remains, and always will, on protecting all of our communities and putting you at the heart of our service.

We passionately believe in our force providing the best service we possibly can for you, our community.

This involves changing the way we do things to ensure we are accurately responding to the demands of emerging crime types and priorities, while spending your money wisely. 

This means, among other things, changing our policing structure.

This document will explain in detail how policing has developed in Nottinghamshire and how it will continue to evolve. However, the bottom line is that we want to protect frontline resources so we can better protect you and keep you at the heart of our service.

If you have any feedback or questions about this document or anything else relating to the change programme at Nottinghamshire Police please e-mail Delivering the Future.

Download the full PDF versions below.



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