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Publication scheme

As part of their obligations under freedom of information, public bodies are required to routinely publish specific types information to help demonstrate transparency and accountability.

This information is published under our Publication Scheme. It covers information about senior staff and officers, how we spend money, how we make decisions, lists of gifts recieved by members of the force and other categories relating to how our organisation operates.

We have grouped this information under the following headings:

Who we are - covers police station locations, contacting us, our management team, our partners, structure of force, how to volunteer, our partners...

What we spend - covers expenditure, income, accounts, contracts, expenses...

Our priorities - details our policing plan and strategies

How we make decisions - minutes of key meetings, reports...

Our policies and procedures (see also our Library page)

Registers - details of gifts/hospitality recieved by officers and staff and any business interests of staff and officers

Services we provide

 If you cannot find the information you need, it may be because this information isn't routinely published under the publication scheme. You may still be able to obtain the information you require under the Data Protection and Freedom of Information Acts. Please see our pages relating to information about people, and information about things other than people.

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