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Influence policing in your area

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With our Neighbourhood Priority Survey, you can have your say about what issues are important to you and what you want your Neighbourhood Policing Team to focus on.

It allows you to tell us what is happening in your area and when, and what issues we should focus on tackling.

You can fill it in as often as you think necessary, but bear in mind that the responses are collected and analysed every three months.

Every three months, a report is sent to the Inspector for your neighbourhood telling them what people in the area want to be the priorities for local police.

They will call a public meeting where the top three priorities for the Neighbourhood Policing Teams will be discussed and set. 

They will also present the survey data and crime information for the previous three months to help the decision-making process.

Details of the priorities that have been agreed for your area will be added to your neighbourhood page along with information about what your Neighbourhood Policing Team will do to address the priorities. 

What we have done will be discussed at the next three-monthly meeting, giving you the chance to hold us to account.

What you tell us does make a difference so please take the time to go online and tell us what matters to you.