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Man sentenced to four burglaries and a robbery

October 10, 2017
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Dean Earl, 36, of no fixed address, was sentenced at Nottingham Crown Court on 29 September 2017. Earl was sent to prison for three years and nine months after pleading guilty to four burglaries and a robbery. 

Between 10-13 August 2017, Earl targeted shops in the Carlton and Nottingham areas. He would attempt to buy small items, or ask to exchange coins, causing the employees to open the till, giving him the opportunity to lunge forward and steal the money. 

On 13 August at McColls in Broxtowe Lane, Earl escaped in a waiting taxi after stealing a handful of cash. The taxi driver was unbeknown to the part his car played and after being contacted by police, he was able to assist us and provide a detailed description. Earl was then arrested in Pine View flats an hour and a half after the incident.

Upon arrest and whilst under caution, Earl claimed that he had put his arms over the counter and into the till and then disclosed that he had already spent most of the money.

DC Nathan Fagan said: “I recognised Earl immediately after reviewing CCTV footage as I had deal with him in May 2017 for similar offences.

“He showed no remorse when he was arrested, even going as far as boasting about the fact he had already spent his ‘hard earned’ stolen cash. The result today reflects his guilty plea, but I am glad that he is off the streets for the next few years and I hope this will give some reassurance to the communities he targeted.”

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