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Your identity proves you really are you. Until it's stolen.

August 5, 2018
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Your identity is one of your most precious posessions. Apart from defining you as an individual, it also proves you really are you.

As well as needed it for every day tasks like buying online, banking and social networking, it's also essential for signing up for phone contracts, loans, mortgages and other finance.

Without it, you can't obtain a driver's licence, passport or other official documents.

When a criminal steals your identity, they can claim that they really are you - and do all of these things in your name. They can also sell on your identity to other criminals and commit criminal acts under your identity.

That's why it is vital to protect your identity against theft. Identity thieves most commonly work online, often taking advantage of the information you overshare on social media, or a weak email account password.

However, they can also use printing documents that haven't been shredded or securely filed.

To safeguard your identity, start by following the simple, expert tips from Get Safe Online. #ItsMyID.

101 is the number to call when you need to contact Nottinghamshire Police and it’s less urgent than a 999 call. Calls cost 15p, no matter how long the call lasts.