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The nameless puppy is named…

September 12, 2018
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The names are in and a winning name has been chosen…Billy!

The suggestion came from a child visiting the burns unit at QMC and the Dog Section felt it suited him perfectly.

We were given over 70 suggestions, including Biscuit, Call of Duty, Daniel the Spaniel, Fraggle, Gary the Gangster, Pouncer, Sherlock, Tiddles and Twirlywoo!

Billy was taken back to the QMC today (Wednesday 12 September) and his name was announced to the children’s ward.

Officers from the dog section said: “It was such a tough choice as we had so many brilliant names. Thank you to all of you who suggested a name, it’s been great meeting you all.

“He’s getting quite big so it’ll be much easier to train him now that he has a name to respond to! We think Billy really suits him and we will be sure to keep you updated on his journey with us.”

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