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Pay & Expenses

This section of the library contains policies, procedures and guides covering the payment of salaries, bonuses, overtime and expenses.

NOTE: Not all our current policies, procedures and guides are published. We are in the process of preparing documents for publication in the near future.

Professional Subscriptions – Managers Guide

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Professional Subscriptions – Managers Guide

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Chief Officer Expenses

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Remunerations paid to former Chief Constable, Sue Fish:

Remunerations paid to Deputy Chief Constable Simon Torr

  • Salary (as of 1 September 2015): £105,945 per annum
  • Benefits in kind: £3,554.28 per annum
  • Total remuneration excluding pension contribution: £109,499.28 per annum
  • Pension contribution: £15,944.72 per annum
  • Total remuneration including pension contribution: £125,444 per annum
  • Register of gifts and hospitalities
  • A copy of the Chief Constable Relocation and Benefits package is available to download on the Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner's website.
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